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Lack of interest Easier way of changing forums to post to...


Well-known member
A suggestion that might interest you, how about an easier way to allow anyone posting a thread to change forums without having to leave the "Creat Thread" screen?


I started to write a thread in Off Topic, then half way or when I finished my thread, I decided it was best suited in suggestion or somewhere else other than off topic. Right now, I'd have to copy paste what I wrote to word or some notepad then copy and past title then find the forum I want then... You get the point.

Where as it would be much easier if we have a drop down listing all forums and just a matter of one click to change that and then i'm able to post there. ???

Lone Wolf

Well-known member
Great suggestion. It's small user friendly touches like this that lift software A above software B. I hope it gets implemented.