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Add-on Dynamic Store


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So I've been thinking about a store that would better represent the world as it is, and focus on online products rather than downloads, or physical items being shipped.

- Completely integrated with XenForo's payment system, to support 3rd party addons (bdpaygate)
- Allows you to create categories for various items
- Assign thumbnails and whatnot to your items, as well as a description.
- When creating an addon, you will have the following parameters to assign to the item:
- Options to query an external database. This will be extremely easy for non-coders to use and simply requires them to input the server database information, and a query to execute on said server.
- Options to use a predefined library for querying (rcon, minecraft queries, battlefield, etc).
- With said libraries, a field for commands/queries to send upon successful payment.
- All features available from user upgrades for usage.
- Options to define a callback upon successful purchase, sending relevant information (amount, payment information, etc).

That's all I have so far, but essentially it would be a dynamic store expendable with 3rd party libraries, to essentially be a micro-transaction store for games/servers.

I'm willing to code it, but I honestly have no motivation xD
If I did it would be free with the libraries maybe costing a few bucks.