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Dynamic thread url & descriptions for embedding 1.0.4

No permission to download
So, trying to download it. But the link to validate token does not work.

Your account is currently awaiting approval by an administrator. You will receive an email when a decision has been taken.
Hi chromaniac,

Your account is in the manual approval queue. You must validate your XenForo Licence here.

This requires the validation token associated with your license. You may retrieve this from the XenForo Customer Area.

Once done, a staff member will approve your account within the next day or so

Basically confused. Validate license link does not work. It says validation is required before approval. Also says that approval is pending.
@Chromaniac your account should be working now, I need to redo some of the configuration around the approval queue as there is some jank from some of the add-ons which need polishing the rough edges out
Will this be replaced by the 2.3 release?
XF2.3 implements internal embedding where links to posts on the same site get a fancy embed bbcode. This add-on implements embedding for external sites such as slack/discord/facebook.

They might implement it sometime between now and release, but for now this add-on still has a purpose even in XF2.3
yeah it's nice. one of the small annoyances of stock xenforo when the preview of a link on sites like X and Facebook would not show the excerpt from the actual post you have linked to. telegram preview does not seem to handle it properly but it works as intended on mastodon for me! (though mastodon has its own issues with preview where it links to canonical from the preview).
hah. took a bit of time to find out this addon was changing post links that appears in address bar.

so instead of getting this:


this addon generates this:


i am sure this is not a big deal but was causing a bit of confusion over the last couple of days. especially when demo board and this board was not showing this behavior.
This is somewhat the price to get post embeds on other platforms working correctly redirecting. I can probably add a tiny bit of javascript to hide the ?post=1298034 bit sometime this week.
It's not a big deal tbh. Just wanted to mention it here for others who might notice this change in final post links!
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