Lack of interest Dynamic Memberlists searches


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I would like to be able to construct various Memberslists

For example:
- all members of a selected usergroup.
- current Memberslist but with one usergroup listed first.
- all members of a usergroup or of any usergroups joined in last week/ month/ quarter.
- all members not posted in the last day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 1week 2wks 3wks 1 month.

Option to Save the Search to use again.
Option to make a search available to other usergroups as a menu on Memerslist page..
Option to add fields NOT viewable to users such as contact data.
Option to manually edit any field as textboxes (on an icon).
Option to add field and fieldname.

Also I have posted elsewhere about a payment system which I understand would probably be a paid plugin.
I would like this Payments Memberslist for admin view only (option for selected mods)
Search on all usergroups required to pay.
Search on type of payment e.g. monthly, quarterly etc admin set types.

Payment by e.g. 1st of month and 2 reminders sent in the week before.
Access suspended if no payment.
Paypal or bank transfer, if the second then I would manually update their account on their confirmation email.
Search on all Unpaid.
Search on all Unpaid by usergroup.