XF 1.2 Wildcard Searches

We might have to manually examine every single photo on our forum to check for anything that might offend the Google Overlords and delete/replace it.

Is there a way to get the search function to allow searching for posts using wild cards such as

*.jpg, *.png, *.gif

OR, ... is there a way to search for the BB code used to display hot-linked photos?

Example: search for "[IMG]"

and have it list ALL results, not just the ones during a certain time frame?

Obviously this would be a server-intense search but we'll only need to be able to do this for a few days.

Tomorrow I'll be painstakingly searching through the attachment viewer thing in the ACP for photos posted via upload/attachment.


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Search for .jpg and for [IMG] gave me the same error:
The searches work on here but not on my website either.

I think you can only search for short, common terms like this if you have purchased and installed XenForo Enhanced Search. :unsure:


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Use a wildcard (*) and you can search for any length of string. *jpg should work. **pg ***g for an example of shorter terms.


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From the FAQ:

Why can't I search for words with 3 characters or less?
This is a limitation of the MySQL Full Text search function. Find more information on the MySQL site.
Note that with XenForo 1.1 and above, it is now possible to set the minimum word length in the ACP -> Options -> Search Options: Search Minimum Word Length; this value must correspond with the MySQL full text minimum word length in the my.cnf configuration file.

Why can't I search for certain words?
The MySQL search function has what are called stopwords, which are typically common words, and are excluded from searches. Find more information on the MySQL site.
Note that the XenForo Enhanced Search add-on, which is installed here on XenForo.com, does not suffer the same constraints as default MySQL search does with regards to minimum word length and stop words. The stopwords for elasticsearch are listed here.