XF 1.1 Duplicate User Group

I've just noticed on my test migration from VB3 that I now have 2 user groups called Registered

In VB I had a standard Group Registered Users and a custom group Registered.

In VB they both have the same number of members ...

In XENforo can i merge the 2 registered groups?

Also how do i tell how many members are in each group?


XenForo moderator
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The name of the user group is irrelevant really, they will have different IDs.

You can safely delete the additional registered user group and any members will default to the original Registered user group.

You can't delete any of the 4 pre-defined user groups so don't worry about deleting the wrong one.

Or you can rename the other Registered user group and continue to use it.

XenForo has four pre-installed user groups; they are:
  • 1 - Unregistered / Unconfirmed
  • 2 - Registered
  • 3 - Administrative
  • 4 - Moderating