XF 1.5 Duplicate Spoiler Custom BBCode


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I'd like to use the "spoiler" feature for an FAQ section on my site, but I don't want the text to say "Spoiler" and I don't want to edit the phrase "spoiler" for all the rest of my site.

I was thinking about creating custom bbcode to duplicate the same "Spoiler" functionality, but with my own "spoiler" text, or no "spoiler" text at all.

I found this old post by @Brogan, but it doesn't look the same as the current "Spoiler" code / button.

Basically, I'd like to do something like this:
[faq="TITLE"]FAQ TEXT[/faq]
So, would someone be willing to help me figure out the HTML Replacement for "spoiler" that I can customize in my "custom bbcode"?