Browser issue Dragging smilie to edit window inserts list bbcode


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When dragging a smilie to the edit window, the smilie is placed along with a list bbcode.

1) Go to any thread
2) Click the smilie icon in the toolbar
3) Drag one of the smilies to the editor

This is the result

OSX 10.8.4 with Firefox 22
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Are you copy and pasting perhaps?

This might be considered an edge case by Mike and Kier, but the HTML structure for that section is a list. So copying an element (including the <li>) is correctly being converted into BBCode for the editor.


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As it stands, drag and drop of text content is basically like an unfiltered paste - the browser gives us whatever HTML it thinks is appropriate.

I suppose we could drop the list tag, but strictly speaking, I don't want to go down that rabbit hole. :)


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For me it's even worser (firefox)

Drag smilie into editor: Result = list with smilie
When i click on "more options" to get the full editor, the smilie is gone and the editor is empty again