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Really amazing!I want to add multiple resources at the same time, save the draft and then upload the link, it’s too slow to publish one by one, but the draft saved before, when adding new resources later, open the previously saved draft and start directly If there is a conflict, why can't you save a draft to generate an independent link like WordPress.
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You can do it one way or the other, both ways are going to have upsides and downsides.

XenForo's way is this:
  • Drafts are unique to the parent content's ID (for example, you could be drafting multiple threads in different forums without any conflicts, or multiple posts in different threads)
  • You can restart your computer, close your browser or whatever else and go back to that forum/thread and your draft(s) will be intact. Even though the content itself doesn't exist yet (this is the important part... see below).
  • Drafts are unique to the user.
WordPress's way of doing it is a little different:
  • The content is created when the draft is saved (in the wp_posts table). Since the underlying post is created (but not published), you can go back to that post and keep making changes and you can have that span multiple posts because as soon as the draft is created, the post is created internally.
  • Drafts are not unique to the user.
  • This works okay when you have a single content type (posts) and you don't have end-users creating those drafts... imagine a scenario where new posts were being generated in the xf_post database every time a draft was saved, it would turn the database into a cluster****, especially on high volume XenForo sites. And to do it like WordPress, any user can modify any draft.
XenForo's draft system works better (imo) when you are dealing with being able to do drafts on multiple content types as well as when it's user generated content. Creating drafts in WordPress's singular wp_posts table is one of may poor WordPress design choices (also imo, of course).
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