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Thought i'd throw the suggestion though i guess this is more cosmetic but it still serves for a way for a user to quickly determine whether it's free or paid.

Not specifically suggestion this type of design (below) but the option for a user to tag the button with either Paid or Free options. I suppose this will probably be better as a custom option when customers get their hands on it but I thought i'd throw the idea out there anyway.


Edit: I took a closer look and noticed this >> .downloadButton.purchase .inner

Makes things easier. Nice work.
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So it took a bit of faffing around in firebug but yeah very much accomplished for those interested in style those buttons which is good to see.

All looks good @Shelley still waiting for you to release your new images on BB :D

I've got some testing to do i've experimented with the "free" resource css and see if any further css is needed for paid resources (which I'm sure it will) once I've checked that out and got all the css in place I'll release the images otherwise people will have differing buttons. :)

I have to admit the buttons have been laying around gathering dust for far too long so hopefully within the next couple of days I can have something to post since i'm in the middle of styling.
No worries, just excited as finally bit the bullet and purchased RM for my site and so now want to fill it with the best of your offerings :) I will wait even if its many more months :)
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