Cannot reproduce Dowloading files from iOS 9+ Safari with non-ASCII filenames

If you have a file attachment using non-ASCII filenames, you will get a "Download failed, Safari cannot download this file" error message when trying to download the file.

Safari Mac OS X and iOS 8 and earlier do not show this error.


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This isn't something we've been able to reproduce in tests. The behavior is the same regardless of the file name, though the behavior may differ between file types. (For example, if you can't handle a zip file, you'll get the error but it doesn't matter what the file name is.)

I've attached 2 PDFs and 2 zips to demonstrate this. The behavior should be the same for each "set", though the behavior between PDF and zip may differ.

Note that realistically, any fix here would need to be done in iOS as there's an RFC for how to handle non-ASCII filenames like this and we are following it.


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