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This is my site Dover Locals. A forum dedicated to the town of Dover, in the South East of England. Dover has the busiest ferry port in the UK, and some say the busiest in the world, with crossings every hour from the UK to France.

I started off back in 2007 using phpbb3, before upgrading to vbulletin3 and then when the vb4 fiasco took place I moved over to IPB3.

Made the move over to Xenforo around 1 month ago and the members loved it! They love the basic, uncomplicated feel that xenforo brings.

I did have a lot of extra content using the IP.Content system. The system was very powerful, but also pretty compicated at the same time. Got lots of plans to bring the content across using Xenforo pages, but it seems theres just not enough hours in the day!

Would love to hear your comments and suggestions :)

Dover Locals - Dover's Online Community


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Nice site, it's shame that the banner stretches to the screen size though. It doesn't look good on large screens: