Double post prevention / merge


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Yes bumping a "Double post prevention" epic
But we sure as hell need this most people new to xenforo have no idea how to muilty Quote.


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Something like this should be an easy feature for XF to add into the core forum, rather than relying a mod to do it. Safer and a hell of a lot more reliable...


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I could have sworn I read somewhere that this was included a long time ago, but huh, guess not.


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Bumping up this suggestion to gain attention/possible inclusion in XF2, it's a simple feature that needs to be in the core to have double posts merged and not stay separate or at least controllable by admins. Add-ons exist for it currently, but other products have similar feature built in for ease of use and moderation.


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While the first post in this suggestion is vague and doesn't explain what function is wanted, I am still surprised that so few people voted for this.
The addon providing this function is one of the top downloaded addons.
It is one of the pet hates of admins to see a spree of back to back posts by the same member.

Please implement a function that merges subsequent posts by the same member if they are made within a certain time span (X hours).