Dont forget to edit 'like' permissions in admincp after upgrade to Beta 6.


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The 'like' functionality disappeared from our board, had to go into the admincp and change the permission for all the groups from 'default' to 'allow'.

In case anyone else had this issue, thats how we got back in business.


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I posted about that a few times after the upgrade but it helps to explicitly state it.

These are new permission options so they will need to be set for each usergroup as required.


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Hmm, it's supposed to be automatically added. I'll have to check what happened there.
Yea after upgrading its on Default, and it dosent show anymore, so I had to go to all the user groups and set it to allow for it to show again.


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Yeah, just a minor mistake in the upgrade script - profile post like permissions were applied correctly.


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If you had your groups set up correctly, you would only have to do it for a single group as permissions are cumulative ;)
I have it set to where each users are in one group only, like not all users are in the registered group if they are staff or vip, so thats why.