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Add-on Donation Module w/meter [Paid]

We are currently looking for a Donation Module with a Meter. We are a game website that has a game server people log into with a client. The server checks our MySQL database for those that have donated. They have game account names and forum account names. 1 person can have more than 1 game account, but only 1 forum account.

We want to be able to see who has donated the most and most in the month. It needs to also add and remove the user from the Donation Usergroup. Each new month resets the amounts and the usergroup.

It also has to be able to update the Meter to where the meter shows the amount we have earned that month. On the admin side we can show how much we would like to see in donations so that the users can see where we are in the donation amount.

We have our own Paypal IPN that need to be updated to be able to push the transaction to the MySQL server.

I will give all files for the current set up.

Please PM me with offers and Timetable.


Current look on Donation Module