Add-on XenForo Usergroup/Donation Syncing w/ GameServer


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I will try and put as much info in here as possible.

So I run a gaming community that hosts some Garry's Mod servers in which we have in game usergroups.

Currently when someone on our forum donates (using we have to manually add them to their vip usergroup on the forum (I know I could make that automatic) and in game.

What I am looking for is someway to sync usergroups or at least vip from our forum to our game server.

I do have the ability to sync usergroups via sql in game (not currently being used but wont be hard for me to get sorted out).

To run you through exactly what I'm looking to happen:
User donates on forum -> Usergroup set on forum -> Usergroup/in game points given to user upon joining game server.

I have a lot of code as far as doing stuff outside of the game server to set groups and even to give points via steam id but I would really like to consolidate all these different tools as much as possible.

If you understand what I am trying to do and think you can do it please let me know here, we are obviously up to paying for this to get done!

John L.

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What are you using for your gameserver? Sourcemod? Take a look at some of the things people have made on the SourceMod forum to do what you're asking. I used to run a gaming community and had one custom developed, but there was one someone made for SourceMod that worked fairly well:

You probably need some sort of Steam Identity Service addon from here like:
I actually do have that xf mod installed already, as for sourcemod I have known about it but just have not looked into it deeply. I shall take a further look at and see what it can do for me.