XF 1.3 Domain Redirection

Hi everyone,

I was using a guild hosting service for my gaming group on our main domain. I decided I wanted to swap to a proper website and use xenforo. So I picked up a second domain and made the xenforo website on the second domain. Now that it's all done and ready to go live I want to point the original domain to the new website. I thought that just using a simple redirection service that my domain host (netregistry) offers would work. However there's issues, it looks like it's pointing to the new site, my domain host says that it's pointing to the new domain, however it's just coming up with a blank white page.

So what's the proper way to do this because clearly my method isn't working?

Domains in question in-case it matters:
www.overzealousgaming.com.au (original site/domain)
www.ozg.net.au (new site/domain)

Oh actually nevermind guys!

I just realized why it wasn't working!!

Ends up the redirection was set to automatically mask the domain.

Changed it so that it's not masked and it instantly started working! ^_^