Domain not transfering


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Ok. I've been trying for DAYS now for my domain to transfer to my new hosting. On, where my domain,, is, I've been trying to move the hosting from (and ns2) to But whenever I do that, I get this wonderful little error:

Update completed with the following results:
ZELDA-TEMPLE.NET:Unable to Change Name Servers with Registry, or invalid Name Server.

If you have problems completing your update and need to contact customer service, please report the following code with your request
Code: VbkHEBTtArySQXLbs92w9Vlq

When contacting support with they said to contact support from ThrustVPS. And even ThrustVPS is being crappy and not really helpful. I don't know a drop about VPS and they aren't helping much. All I got was this so far:


Please note that if you are using custom nameservers for your domain then you need to create a zone file for your nameservers and you need to register the nameservers with the corresponding IPs at your registrar end. Once the nameservers are registered you can point to your domain.

Thanks for your understanding.

I'm getting flustered because my old hosting dies in just about ten days. I've moved everything I need over right now, but NOW the domain just won't move.

Ugh. I'm really frustrated -_-

Edit: I think I may have it. I had to register the name servers and IPs I got from ThrustVPS via Hope that works.