Domain Name ?

stu meister

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I was researching a domain name. The .com I wanted was taken, and used for a very unprofessional website that would be of little or no competition.

Would you go for the same thing in the .net or would you go for something totally different?


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have you tried a domain hack? Go on and type in the domain you wanted, and it can give you alternatives with an extention that matches your domain.

You really want the .com if you can, so may be better off slightly changing the name. If the domain you want is owned by one of the big parking companies dont even bother trying to negotiate. I've tried numerous times and they always want mid-high $xxxx even if its a pretty poor name.


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I went with .net because the ,com is owned by a squatter. Every year I email them asking for a price and reminding them how many years it's been. They've dropped the sale price from $10,000+ down to $2500 over the years, but still roughly 10x as much as I'm willing to pay. Reminds me... might be time to bother him again.