Domain Name Issue


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Okay, for the sake of my niche, lets just say it's a topic about armadillos.

So in reality, I would go for something like: or

but sadly, they are taken and are not put to use. Anyways,
would you go with something like this.. or

Comments, suggestions, thoughts?


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Does it make sense to pluralise your topic? If the unpluralised version is unused I'd probably go with that. If it's used and you'd be competing I'd go with talk instead.

Having said that, avforums and avsforums don't seem to suffer from the similarity (I know it's not quite the same as pluralising but it's the same effect).


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What about .net or .org?

What about pre-ordering the .forum gTLD? (Depends on when you want a domain I guess).


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I was just wonder what is better for seo and overall purposes?
*** or ***

I will be buying both to redirect to the other, but I want to know what I should make for the main domain name.

Thanks guys