XF 2.2 DKIM name issue in cPanel


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I'm on shared hosting using cPanel. When adding the TXT zone record for DKIM, cPanel automatically appends my domain name. So, even though I enter as xenforo._domainkey cPanel saves it as xenforo._domainkey.MyDomainName.com.

Is there any way to adjust this on the xenForo side to compensate for the name changing? The section is greyed out and not editable in the admincp.



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Thank you for your response, @thomas1. :) Unfortunately, the issue is that cPanel is automatically adding my domain name to whatever I place as the name in the TXT record.

So I'm wondering if there's any way to allow for that on the XF side.


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I am not familiar with cPanel, but xenforo._domainkey.MyDomainName.com the correct fully-qualified record.

Did you try to just save and check if it can be queried successfully?

Mr. Jinx

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That would be xenforo._domainkey.MyDomainName.com. (with dot)
Or xenforo._domainkey (without dot)

Without dot, the domainname is automaticly appended.
So that's how it is supposed to work.