XF 2.2 Does XF has a default robots.txt file?


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Hi friends,

Recently I got so much spam on my XF forum, I updated it to the latest version just now and everything looks fine. I deleted all the spamming posts and blocked the spam users. I just would like to know if XF has any default robots.txt file as I can not see in my root folder and I just created one by seeing the codes from a website in google search engine. I am not sure if my robots.txt is correct or not.
Because my forum is not indexing at all in search engine, the posts are not getting any views. I am thinking maybe my robots.txt is not good and blocking search engine from crawling my site.

I would appreciate if someone can confirm to me if XF really has a robots.txt file by default, if it has then can you paste the codes here for me so that I can replace it on my robots.txt file. Or should I totally get rid of robots.txt file which I created, does XF really need that robots.txt file?

Thank you so much in advance, awaiting yours.

Best regards,
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