Does xenForo work with any intext html/css?

I was considering purchasing an account but was wondering if forum members would have the ability to do their own styling? For example I understand there is a drop down color picker, but I'm wondering if users would be able to pick their own RGB color as well with inline tags. Things like that. Does anyone know if xenForo can do that or is otherwise compatible with BB Code.

Thanks in advance.


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BBCode can be used as good as html/css for posts in XenForo, yes. Although some features such as float, tables etc. lack by default there are additional resources that can add the BBCodes required.

A small example of how we use BBCode along with images to create "article" type content -

You can do a lot with the editor on XenForo, keep it simple or go crazy and make it as colorful and disorganized as you want.

Are you looking for anything specific you want done inline/via BBCode?