XF 2.2 Does Xenforo support opcache, and how?

Black Tiger

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I would like to know if Xenforo uses opcache by default if it can be activatd.

I only found this thread:
which is not really conclusive since that person went with memcache, so it's not clear the cache provider he used as example for opcache can be used that way.

Jeremy P

XenForo developer
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OPcache and Memcached are two different types of caches which target separate things. OPcache caches PHP opcodes to speed up code execution, whereas Memcached allows programs to cache commonly accessed data in memory to avoid slower look-ups (like database queries). They can both be used together to help speed up your forum.

OPcache is configured at the server level, you don't have to do anything special within XenForo to utilize it. Memcached must be configured in your config.php file. You can review the documentation for further details on how to set up Memcached or another caching provider.