Does XenForo support comments?

Jake B.

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Anybody do a vB5 conversion to XF with comments? How do those comments within a thread get converted to XF? Are they ignored or end up looking like post replies? Do any of the 3rd party add-ons offer a way of importing them to retain the original vB5 thread->post->comments association? Just curious (since I haven't had anything to do with vB in years)...:unsure:
I have the same question. I tought that first I have install this add-on and then I guess, it will work.
The XenForo post import essentially doesn't know that there are depths associated with the replies, so they just get imported as they are on a normal XenForo thread. We don't have anything built into our add-on currently to change them back to their original state, but it's something we could add if there were a demand for it (it'd have to be an additional step after running the default XenForo importer rather than something that automatically happens though)


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I would need that for sure.
Many people on my vB5 forum are using comments. I actually wanted to disable comments in vB5 right from the beginning, but I couldn't, because when I did, it was causing another error with uploading images. So if i wanted to have images, I had to have comments too. After about 5 years they fixed that problem but it is too late now. People got used to them.


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So I have checked both solutions here mentioned for the comments.
[TH] solution has so many bugs, errors that it's actually not ready for production, yet.
[tl] has a nice design but many useful features from the stock version has been stripped, plus several bugs.
I contacted both of them to fix the issues, but i think they will not even bother.

Therefore I guess the only solution is to hire someone to create a proper comments system. If you know about anyone willing to work on it, please let me know.


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People will get used without comment too, if you give them some time :)
^ This.

Comments in a thread made zero sense to me from the first time I saw it. Knowing all the forums I operate, people will go off on further discussions buried in comments rather than in the thread where they belong. It confuses people. Tiered "threaded" commenting went the way of the ancient forum systems and Usenet many years ago.

Think of it this way, too: thread replies are comments. This is why we have a quote feature, to put the replies in context. If comments are existing, I say it's better to retrain members to use the forum the correct way without them. :) A lot less work than putting all your hopes into an add-on that may or may not ever be developed in the future.