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Add-on Does this exist?

Is there an addon which can turn the private chat conversations into tabs? Think facebook chat tabs at the bottom of the screen? I really would like to know because I have people who aren't very forum-savy and making it easier for people to communicate is most important to me.


Well-known member
It exists, I've seen it before, but I'd imagine it'd be a bit weird for a forum. It's not too expensive but I can't remember the name right now.
I've seen ArrowChat and CometChat but from what I can tell those don't take the FORUM usernames. I want something where If the user clicks on another user in the members tab or on the "online users" section it will popup a message box (similiar to facebook) that allows you to send direct private messages. Would be willing to pay for something like this if it also has the ability to have a chat room like on arrowchat and cometchat.