Does "Like" rank comment or poster? Can it be turned off?


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It looks like it ranks the poster which is kind of creepy, high school social status kind of thing.

Is there a way to change the name to "Recommend" and have it rank the message post for its content?

Same for the topic, a "Recommended Topic" that folks could look the most recommend topics and content.

Can the "Likes" and "Trophies" be turned off?


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You can remove all the requirement from trophies. It's the same as disabling them I suppose. It'd be easy to do since initially there's only 5 of them.

IMO, likes are just . . . likes. I don't see them as rating or anything. It's been such a norm these days with everyone using facebook.
In fact, one of the most popular mods here extends the like to the next level


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Thanks Jake. I guess the real issue is it ranks members. Who is the most "likable" member. Insert flesh crawling smiley here.

Be good to rate posts based on useful content and users could sort it. That would have some utility and lead to more traffic and discussions where "Liking" a person is a dead end as far as increasing interaction and activity on the board and adding content.

Be even better to be able Search for "Most recommended topic or post for X-subject". That would really ad to the utility of the ranking and increase the boards content value and traffic.