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This will be the first forum i've launched as an owner since Facebook became popular and everything i used to know about Google and SEO is pretty much antiquated data. So not entirely sure if this will take off or not, however i already have a successful forum in the same niche although this community if all goes according to plan will be significantly more fine tuned to the subject matter.. (Dobermans)

Its also been a blast being able to create a new forum since my original forum is pretty established and i have no interest in changing to much in fear of upsetting the community. So this new one has been very fun pet project..

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Doberman Resources is an online community devoted to the preservation of the Doberman Pinscher dog breed.

Our primary objective is to connect Doberman enthusiasts in a socially engaging environment from all around the world and to be a useful tool for doberman breeders as a source of various types of news and information.
Software: XF 1.3.2
Style: Audentio, UI.X 1.3.11 (Customized by myself)
Home Page: [oxy] News Portal 1.13 Soon to be CTA Featured Threads 2.8

Notable Plugins...
XenForo Resource Manager 1.1.2 (Converted by myself to act as a Presentation Plugin) (Many Phrases to convert yet)
CTA Featured Threads 2.7.0
******* - Modern Statistics 1.8.1
Post Ratings - taking likes to the next level 1.6.5
Waindigo Last Post Avatar 1.1.8c

At this rate i'm having more fun just designing the thing then i am serious about making it successful, hopefully that will come when i'm finally happy with all the tweaking..
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I am currently in the process of including Font Awesome wherever possible. I'm personally pretty happy with the way the site is turning out. However i just feel like something about it (color, contrast) that is making it look busier then it is and I know I have work to do to improve readability.

It really surprises me no one has any opinions.. Not sure if that is good or bad?


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Hey Thanks.. It is built off the UI.X framework that gave me a great start. I just cant shake the feeling im over doing it now.. The idea was initially to keep it white and simple but it needed contrast in a bad way... But something about it is just bothering me, but for the life of me i can't figure out what that might be..


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Seems im keeping this thread updated simply as my own personal Journal relating to the building blocks of Doberman Resources.. So here goes my latest entry...

After downloading 1.4 beta1.. (yeah i know) While reverting outdated templates i completely messed up the templates in UI.X.. Finally after much discouragement and several curse words later i finally decided it was finally time give up on UI.X (Great Framework for Admins with tons of free time) And reinstalled the default style and got busy styling that to my liking.. Im already personally impressed with how its coming out It does it is 90% Default XF but that is intentional.. I only moderately changed up the Color Pallet and used CSS in most other modified areas.. I suspect the style will continue to evolve over the next several months..

Thanks to the use of UI.X i have learned a bit about CSS and am having a good time putting all the pieces back together without some of the pork that comes bundled in UI.X that makes upgrading a PITA..


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Thanks @Lawrence.. Flat seems to be the new cool.. But i really wanted to give the style some depth.. I believe those category strips have a very three dimensional effect to them with the drop shadows and such..

Ahh Thanks for noticing my Modified RM.. Amazing what you can do with that thing.. Mostly just added some custom fields and changed a ton of phrases.. But it is the benchmark of the site.. I also have plans to integrate the RM with a Pedigree generator.. Should be a vey unique feature when its all said and done..


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@FredC wait to you see the style I'm working on... I think it will be quite unique. The RM I'll be setting up to act as a cross between a user blog and albums. I haven't looked at that part yet though, but for it to be useful on my site that is the behavior I'll need for it.

It's good to see the RM being utilized for more than it was intended.
I love the idea of your forum. I think it looks great and since we're in a similar line of work I find myself heading over there over and over again for inspiration :)