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Do you need license and Admin for free?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ralf, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Ralf

    Ralf Member

    I bought Xenforo License for testing issues and growing up a new community later.

    But unfortunatly I have a new Job since two weeks and less time, so I´m looking for somebody who has some friends and want to have a forum for free / or ideas for a new projekt.

    You´ll get admin rights too. You can realize what ever you want. We will be partners, helping together but you are the chief because I have other forums as well and limited time. And these forums are runnings since 2001, so dont worry about continuity or reliability.

    You have to pay nothing. Forum is installed on payed high-speed server together with other vb-forums.

    Limitations: only english or german language

    Just send me a message if you are insterested.
  2. Ralf

    Ralf Member

    thanks for messages.

    But I dont want to sell my license or move members to another board.

    I´ll give you an example: you have a hand of friends and you like fishing, gaming, you like pink pigs or whatever.
    And you always want to have a forum, but maybe you dont have money or you dont have experience.
    Then you can ask me and I´ll help you.

    Its a helping hand because I dont have enough time/ideas to build another community.
    Also smaller projekts are welcome.

    You can realize your dreams. And you have always the last decision...as explained, I have my own forums. Thats absolutly not important for me.
  3. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    Thanks for clearing that up.

    What I offered is what I typically do for people who already have a community (see sig).

    • Merge site A with Site B (my site)
    This allow your members to have a continued home, without feeling abandoned.

    • Add the owner as a staff member
    I feel it is only right that they be carried over with the honor & respect they have achieved

    • The owner keeps their software license & in the distant future, should the license owner decide they would like once again run their own community; are free to make an announcement (advertisement)
    This provides you with options & future opportunities.

    Good luck though on starting your new community :)
  4. whynot

    whynot Well-Known Member

    It'll be hard to find someone to work hard to build a community for the owner of the software AND domain.
  5. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    I don't understand your comment (although you did point out a small typing error, which I fixed).

    My option is if you have your own site, but no longer have the time or interest to maintain it; rather than kill it or let it fall a part, I merge is it into my own. But I give you the respect & dignity, by adding you as a staff members so that you may continue to play a role (when time allowed). And later, should you find that you once again have the time & free will to start-up you own community again, you're free to advertise such on my site....

    Which should make things easier for you since you kept ownership of your license, plus you'll have the captive audience of your past members & some of mine as well to help build your new site.
  6. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

  7. FreshFroot

    FreshFroot Well-Known Member

    Reminds me of something similar that occured a few years ago (2004).

    I took over a domain and built a whole community and website. I didn't have money back then, so the guy provided me his domain name and his webhosting. He apparently owned a hosting business, which is why he provided all the resources.

    I worked hard got a HUGE community and hits going.

    The one day is just closes his server, and basically tells me he doesn't want to continue with the process.

    So now I had members, who I lost and had no way of contacting. I was stupid enough back then not to download the whole database? Or maybe I did, I can't remember to be honest. I did make backups from time to time.

    But it just shows that all your hard work can be taken away so easily.

    So unless I have control over the domain, or over something. There is no way I would work for someone unless I am getting paid.

    I did it for free for over 3+ years. And in the end got nothing in return even losing many members forever.
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