Do you have to reindex if you turn elasticsearch off for a short period?


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Do posts/content get cached if elasticsearch is offline? or perhaps queued for injection after it restarts?

If not, do you have to reindex if you've turned it off with your site live?

Shaun :D


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The data is maintained across instances of the service running, but if you shutdown elasticsearch and there is content that doesn't get indexed, you will need to do a reindex to replace it. (If you run something like this, you should consider elasticsearch to be on par with the web server or MySQL in terms of importance: if it's down, it's a big deal.)


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Weird, I read this question and answered it in the other thread?

I think I was right though Mike, if you turn off ES within XF it will continue to use Mysql (and the posts will not be found when ES is turned back on), but if you just disable the service it will just not index anything?


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Thanks Mike - just getting my head around it all so that I know how to use it and what some of the pitfalls / nuances are. (y)