do you have the word "Forum" in your domain-name ?


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I am just thinking of buying a domain name which includes the word "forum".

Do you have domain-names (or operating live websites) with the word "forum" or "forums" in the name ? So I am talking about the domain-name itself, not about having the word "forum" as a subdomain.

Just wondering if it makes sense and if it is of an advantage or disadvantage ?
Is it market-able, etc. ?

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Well-known member - yeah. I do.

If you're buying a niche traffic site with the "forum" or "forums" tag next to it...You should see other like-minded websites to see what kind of membership they have and act on it.

For example, MW2 has sold more than 15 million copies world-wide. Most MW2 sites have thousands of members, in fact, a COD4 forum has over 88k members. Eighty Eight Thousand Members.

So, to answer your question: Yes, its marketable, you just need to pay attention to the numbers first. Learn how the market reacts to a specific forum.


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Yes, I find (if they're available) they rise to the top of google searches quicker and stay there..

example: - if you do a search for glock forum (or forums) it's in the top 3-4.. it only took a couple days and it was up there..

BTW: I did the same with but the site never took off even though it was the 2nd result in google searches.. that domain is for sale if ya want it btw ;) ($30)


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Only the name of the project because the forum is a part of it, not the complete project ...


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bad choice - you really don't know what the future holds for 'forums' (think long term) .... plus, if your site grows it will most likely have more than just a forum

your domain should describe the subject not the application; so, if your site is about forums than it's ok


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Nope.. I hate using the word 'forum' in any type of domain. The topic needs to be stated in the domain, but with fewer words than any other part of your site.. so I chose,, etc.