Do you have a "Have You Seen" section in your forum?


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I've just migrated a forum to XenForo but unfortunately their users aren't computer-literate and I'll have to create a have you seen section where they can learn more about XenForo and discover few of the functions this platform has.

Do you know any other forum that have a section like this one? XenForo have you seen threads have been written for people that already knows the software (and manage it) so I don't think they might help..


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We have a "How do I?" section with threads explaining the forum features in more detail - with screenshots and step-through descriptions.

It comes in handy when new members ask the same questions that have been asked a hundred times already; just point them to the respective thread. (y)


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Yes, I have a Have You Seen...? forum where I post about any new features of the website. This also includes some of the standard features as we transferred to Xenforo from phpBB earlier in the year and so members needed various things explaining. Posts are generally detailed with screenshots where appropriate and explanations aimed at ordinary folk.

It serves as a useful reference to anyone new to the forum as well as existing members who may forget/be unaware of features.