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Do soft 404's get logged to the appache log?


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Hi All,

I was wondering, google webmaster tools is reporting some soft 404's for my site and google is correct some threads are missing. xenforo returns a php generated 404 and displays it. Google picks this up as a normal 404 or soft 404 which is great, however when look in the apache looks i cant see them. I want to be able to find them before google does and then correct them.

Does a xenforo generated 404 or any other type of error get logged in the apache logs like a normal 404? Yes, I do have error logging turned on.

Thanks in advance.



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I just went live this week and I'm noticing the same thing.
I do not see any errors at all being logged in my Apache error_log.

Liam W

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As HWS says, no it isn't logged by apache.

Reason? The error isn't returned by apache, it's returned via code in the xenForo script :)