XF 1.4 Do search yields filter gender


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Hi all,
I know there are many threads relating to this, and I know it's a feature request, which I fully support as I need more gender options besides m/f/other

However, does the search filter users gender/sex?
If I searched for a male/female, will this yield results?

I am using @AndyB add-on for custom fields, but I am also wondering about the default gender search and if it filters.

Many thanks....


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I'm not sure what search you're referring to. There's no (user-facing) search that does anything with respect to gender.


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Okay thanks.
That's answered my question.
Andy's add-on does the job so I will continue with that, I was just curious if it would conflict with any default XF gender based search yields, which it clearly won't.
Thank you.