Do it makes sense to have the "Share This Page" block on member profiles?


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In my opinion the Share This Page (STP) block makes sense for threads, resources and media items/albums however for member profiles it doesn't make sense and its usage statistics speak for itself:

Mike (a developer): Twitter (0) / Facebook (0) / Google (2)
Brogan (a moderator): Twitter (0) / Facebook (0) / Google (2)
Daniel Hood (a good member): Twitter (0) / Facebook (0) / Google (0)
Super120 (a bad member): Twitter (0) / Facebook (0) / Google (0)

So as you can see, the STP block adds no value to member profile pages. In my forum I have removed that block with a simple template edit but I believe it shouldn't come present in the stock style.



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You're not a bad member.

But yes, it personally does make sense. It may not be used as much, but some people like the feature being on profiles.


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The "Share This Page" block as is adds unnecessary page load and 99.9% of the time it is never used. Seemingly disabling it reduces load time on average by about 10-15% (sometimes more).

At a minimum, I think that block should be a clickable and then load in the js from Facebook, Twitter, G+ etc once clicked if at all possible.
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Maybe it would be good idea if we could collapse that block and only load it when someone clinks on the block to open it.