Do I need to purchase the paid membership features as an add on to the basic license or is it includ


I need the feature of paid membership feature in my forum. Is this already included in the basic license or should it be purchased separately? And if yes what's its cost?


Thanks Chris for your answer but the folks at who do the installation on behalf of their customers told me I do need to purchase the paid membership feature separately from xenforo in addition to the basic license. If I need them to do the installation for me who should I pay for the license? Them and they pay xenforo or xenforo and then give them some info that I get from xenforo to do the installation ?

Chris D

XenForo developer
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We have a User Upgrades system built in which allows you to create upgrades that your members can purchase for a one off fee or continuous subscription. After purchasing the user will e promoted to a user group of your choosing.

If we're talking about the same thing, then that is built in with no extra cost.

For any transactions we would only ever want to deal with license holder (you) and never with a third party.