XF 1.5 Distinguish Read & Unread Conversations

Zachary Ball

Active member
#conversation .discussionList {
opacity: 0.3;
#conversation .discussionList .unread {
opacity: none !important;

I am trying to do something like this to distinguish read and unread PM's or conversations. Any other ideas? Right now this doesn't work and if I take #conversation out it will apply it to all threads.

Doesn't have to be opacity but any kind of distinction would be sweet. I have bold text right now so that is out of the picture.
Instead of "#conversation" use ".conversation_list"

"conversation_list" is the name of the template used to display the conversation list. Each page in XF has a content div that includes the template name as a class on that div, therefore you can target more specifically changes to happen on specific pages.
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