XF 1.1 Disqus SSO, XF, WP, and MW & Multidomain


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My hands are actually pretty full with several other projects - but - hey what is one more?!

I decided to sign up for the Disqus SSO because it should help with multidomain. Has anyone else tried their SSO?

Any experiences you'd like to share?

First - ew experience for the commenting system - is not getting the forum posts onto the WP side. I really want forum posts below the WP articles and not just the Disqus commenting system.XenScripts and WP default comment system works fine.

Anywho, if you are free and up to a challenge then let me know (PM me). Maybe you'd like access to the network and see if you could get SSO to work. I'll let others know how it goes. After all, something has to be done to get all the multiple domains to work together - one sign in - one time -
Disqus SSO is at a stand still until their support replies to the error messages being tossed. I'm not able to save the form for settings. Oh well.

Another option -

Maybe the thread title should be changed to "Multiple Domains - SSO Solutions"

Maybe this should be modified. I believe, though, that the iframe concept is a little wicked.


Here is an example of ideas on SSO


Google uses:


Here is some more information


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