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Displaying an entire thread in wordpress?

Is it possible to display an entire thread in wordpress? I am developing a deal site in WordPress at the moment, and I am going to show a product, but I will also post that product in the forum section (XenForo) which will generate feedback/comments. I'd like to display that entire thread below the wordpress page that contains the product.

It is something like SlickDeals.net although their website is entirely programmed in vBulletin which makes it possible for them to show the deal and have the feedback/comment section come directly from their forum thread.


Well-known member
Yes. Create a widget area for the page. Next, create a widget which pulls the thread. Finally, assign the widget to that area. You can see it in action here.

You can look at the Kotomi bridge, the XenForo SDK, xfrocks bridge, XenWord, XenScripts or write your own code to grab the threads at the database level.

Best of luck.