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Display threads the media is used/embedded in


Well-known member
It would be interesting to display the threads the media is used/embedded in. This would provide interesting content to the reader and useful cross pollination of content.

For example: one of my members pointed out that they were looking at a graph image and he knew that there were several discussions where the same graph was used.

This could be done by showing a sidebar widget with a thread listing. (on media entry page)
This is an awesome idea and one that at least a few of us have been asking for.

The Media Gallery is an awesome tool, but it also ends up being devisive because if a member posts a photo in the Media Gallery, then people will comment in there instead of the Forum. The Media Gallery should be a supporting cast for the Threads in the forums. It's in the forums that interactive conversations can take place. Not in the Media Gallery.

So your idea is an awesome one that I totally support!