Display threads the media is used/embedded in


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It would be interesting to display the threads the media is used/embedded in. This would provide interesting content to the reader and useful cross pollination of content.

For example: one of my members pointed out that they were looking at a graph image and he knew that there were several discussions where the same graph was used.

This could be done by showing a sidebar widget with a thread listing. (on media entry page)
This is an awesome idea and one that at least a few of us have been asking for.

The Media Gallery is an awesome tool, but it also ends up being devisive because if a member posts a photo in the Media Gallery, then people will comment in there instead of the Forum. The Media Gallery should be a supporting cast for the Threads in the forums. It's in the forums that interactive conversations can take place. Not in the Media Gallery.

So your idea is an awesome one that I totally support!


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This is kind of related (in a converse manner) to this suggestion: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/view-pictures-across-site-on-media-gallery.86871/ ... not the same suggestion though, so this does deserve its own suggestion.

I also thought there was an existing suggestion for this, but couldn't find it.

But yes, this is definitely something we need - from a moderator perspective as well. We have a problem on ZooChat where our members will upload hundreds of photos at a time from their recent zoo visits - and quite often there are a lot of duplicate images.

The moderators go through and remove many of the duplicate images, but it would be very useful to know whether those images have also been embedded in a thread before they are deleted. (Soft) deleting an image does not break the image displayed in the thread - but I will at some point do a purge of all deleted images to remove them from the filesystem and save storage space - which will at that point break images in threads.
I was asked about this by a forum member just the other day. It seems so logical to us... they see an image in the media gallery and think 'ooh that's interesting I wonder where/if that's being discussed'... but they have no way of finding out. The closest thing they can do is look at the owner's posts, but that could take ages with some members and that only works if the media image has been used, which until all the posts are examined no-one knows.
I still think this makes so much sense. I also have had many users ask for this.

So I wonder why something that is such common sense of an implementation by users doesn't seem important to the Devs?


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So I wonder why something that is such common sense of an implementation by users doesn't seem important to the Devs?
I don't think it's seen as unimportant so much as not yet a priority. Not trying to suggest it is necessarily bound to happen - only that they've been very focused on v2.0 for the past few years and have only recently started to look at new functionality.

There are literally hundreds of suggestions - it will take a while to go through them and start implementing the good stuff.