Display Resources that Match Specific Category & Custom Field as Profile Tab

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I'm fairly confident nothing like this exists. If it does please point me in the right direction.

I'd like to have an add-on that allows users to list particular resources by category - and ideally by a specific custom field - as a tab in their profile.

In my case, I run a creative writing forum. I have a category in my resource manager for Member Publications.

I'd like to add a tab that displays all published books by a particular user in their profile.

Since anyone can add a resource in this category, I may need a custom field, i.e. "Published Author's Forum Username" so that it only displays resources in that category that are directly affiliated with that user.

In evaluating existing options, I believe that the current resource tab could be duplicated to show resources in a specific category. Alternatively, modifications could be made to Nobitas Listing Threads in a Particular Forum add-on.

I'm not sure the best way to implement this. If someone was willing to create this that would be fantastic, otherwise suggestions on the easiest development route or alternative implementations would be appreciated.