XF 1.2 Display Multiple Forums Under Category

Tracy Perry

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That's already able to be done isn't it? Just a little extra styling to remove the last post from it and it should work.

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Do you know specifically where I would look to make the changes with the custom template? Where do you make the changes in the default style?


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As far as I am aware, Flexile hasn't been updated for 1.3
Regardless, you will need to ask for support in the dedicated discussion thread.


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Alright Ill play around with it later and see what I can do. Will update Flexile Thread if I'm able to fix it for others with similar issues. Thanks guys!


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Didn't have time to work on this until now. The flexile theme is using the "Node List" font size inside Style Properties: Forum / Node List. While I understand each theme is different, is there a specific category that handles the text size and css for "Show sub-forums popup"

I've been able to fix the issue but it also updates all the node titles and just trying to edit the size of the sub forum nodes that appear under the primary node.