XF 1.2 Display Most Recent Posts on Forum Index


Hello, is there a way to display the most recent posts (not threads but recent posts) on the forum index page? Would this involve editing the forum_list template? If so, any suggestions on what code needs to used? Thank you!


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That requires an add-on.

There may already be one available in the RM.


Oops, my bad; I actually want recent threads to display on the forum homepage. In other words, exactly the contents of the following page:


Is there an add-on that can do this? I did find a 'WDB Popular Content' add on, but that displays only the popular posts and doesn't seem to have a setting for displaying recent posts.


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The widget of Widget Framework is not working correctly, cause it does not show the last commented avatar (it shows a question mark instead) and does not get the child nodes from where the post is posted.

Is there a workaround for this? I am looking the exact same thing as the topicowner.