Display Media Reviews in /whats-new/


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by media review, do you mean media ratings?
people don't know about it because it's under "media information"

it shouldn't be there, the "rate this media stars" should be right under or in the right side corner of the image, somewhere more visible

and under "media information" it should say "average rating 7.5" or something

they also changed the position of the sidebar, it used to be beside the image,
now the sidebar is underneath the image, which makes it even harder to see

and when there is small images, there is a lot of empty space to the right and left of the image


i will a thread about it in the future,

but yes, i agree with you, it should be in the /whats-new
and also a tab "New Media Reviews" which i will also make a thread about it in the future
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it's also good for spam, because now i cannot find if members make spam review with link

its a good suggestion, here is a picture of your suggestion, but maybe need better css


and widget!

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