Implemented Display image when user uploads to a moderated gallery.

Digital Doctor

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There is an empty feeling when uploading an image to a gallery when the gallery is moderated.

I uploaded an image ... gave it a description ... clicked upload_2015-5-13_18-3-5.png

And I get this ...


No Media added ?

But I just uploaded one ?

Very unsatisfying.

A better method would be how Xenforo does it with posts.
- Allow the post, show the users that it did successfully upload ... and where/how it will look, when approved.
- display that it is awaiting moderation.
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Digital Doctor

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Something like this for images would be useful.

Alternatively, for images, you could have an overlay over the image that reads "Awaiting moderation".
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Chris D

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There was very little interest. However, this was changed in XF2. Users can now view their own media items if they are pending approval (like posts) and similar messages are displayed.
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