Lack of interest Display as image, or otherwise remove, smilies from emails

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Smilies are not not parsed, and their respective image displayed, in emails. Instead we just get the bbcode equivalent, eg. "[:lol:]"
The bbcode is meaningless and detracts from the email, making it look amateurish or faulty.

With email alerts for watched forums/threads and conversations, and likely now more importantly, activity summary emails, how these emails look and present to members is very important. We're trying to attract them back to our sites, with amateur/faulty looking emails being the enticement.

Images attached to posts are displayed in the emails (instead of "image attachment 12345" hyperlinks, or their bbcode equivalent) and for consistency so should smilie images. If users wish, through their email clients, to hide or not show images then that's their choice. But if they do display then with the smilies not shown it makes the email look broken.

Thus, the suggestion is for either a) smilies within emails to be displayed as their respective image, or b) smilie bbcode to be removed from the emails.
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