Display a other template on a other subroute

im new in xenforo development and im currently creating an additional page system for my forum.
But i have a question, how does it work that i display on the route /test/about/ an template called myaddon_about and on the route /test/ the template myaddon_index?
I googled so much but i found nothing...
Maybe i googled the wrong thing.


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Your controller defines what templates to show. Specifically, the route /test/ hits your controller's actionIndex() function. /test/about hits your controller's actionAbout() function. In the return of the functions, you define the view that you want to display. Have you poked around any of the default controllers?
Ah i understand :)
That is what i search thanks!
And yes i took a look in xenforo's page system because i thing thats quite similar to my problem