Discord to Xenforo Posting?



We're looking to streamline our workflow by integrating our Discord server and XenForo website to automate the creation of new threads on the website based on specific commands issued in Discord.


To enable users to initiate a command in Discord (e.g., !finishedticket) upon completing a ticket, and have this command trigger the creation of a new thread on our XenForo website with all the pertinent ticket information.

Key Functions of the Integration:

  • The Discord bot should fetch the required information when the !finishedticket command is invoked.
  • Use this information to generate a new thread on the XenForo website.

The purpose of integrating Discord and XenForo is to:

  1. Manage Tickets Efficiently:
    • When users create a ticket on Discord, a new channel is formed to handle it.
    • Staff members work on these tickets to resolve issues.
  2. Automate Ticket Closure and Log on XenForo:
    • When a staff member finishes a ticket on Discord, they can use a command to close the ticket channel.
    • Simultaneously, this action will create a record of the closed ticket on your XenForo website as a new thread.
  3. Advantages:
    • Saves time by automating the transfer of information between platforms.
    • Maintains a record of resolved tickets on XenForo for easy access and reference.

Is anything like this done or can it be done?
Hi check my thread, we have a discord to xenforo poster. I can show you a preview of what we currently have made if you are interested. we currently are auto posting messages from discord channel's messages to a set forum category and so each channel functions as it's own thread in a specified category ID.
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