Disappointed in XenForo 1.2 ...


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... I've been hammering away at it all day and still haven't managed to break anything. :LOL:

After a day with the 'alpha' release - and expecting at least the new editor to be problematic to some degree - I can safely say I'm very impressed and haven't found anything majorly broken or annoying. Nice job @Team XF ... (y)

So how do you think our own forum members will take to the changes in XF 1.2?

What do you think will be the most used/appreciated new feature by your membership?

What Admin feature are you most looking forward to using?

And what (if any) feature or change will be the hardest to "sell" to your members?
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sami simo

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Most of new features are Admin features, I do not expect users will notice big differences.

I m little Disappointed too; I was waiting for HTML support and the possibility to add blocks in sidebar ( Like Vbulletin do). But none of those was supported.

However ; I know Mike and Kier were working hard in a very difficult time, so I will wait, going back to VB is not an option for me.
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I've been merrily trying to ruin the responsive design all evening. With the exception of the Resource Manager (More Waiting Is Required for a responsive RM), everything's working absolutely fine. The snazzy JavaScript user button collapse doesn't fall over even if I start changing things in the web inspector - like lengthening my username considerably. The menu still folds neatly instead of overrunning.

Adam Howard

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I saw the title and the first thing I wanted to say was STFU.

But then I noticed the OP wasn't complaining & only playing with the title. Had me going there for a moment. :p

Although I'm surprised there wasn't any Twitter & Google registration options. I'm starting to think KAM are Facebook fans (I hate Facebook).

Mike Edge

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There's been plenty of (very minor) bugs, but Mike and Kier are so good at fixing them you never get the chance to report them.



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I am absolutely impressed with the Drag & Drop capabilities of the new Editor (y)(y)(y)

XF 1.2 is a Game Changer..... this is what I call "internet innovation"

Congrats KAM, awesome job (y)

truly impressive :love::love::love:
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What do you think will be the most used/appreciated new feature by your membership?

As one of the new features is a new editor, I would think the most used answers it self...

As for appreciated, I doubt my users will notice much, except for the fact that the smilies have been moved.