XF 1.3 Disappearing Posts + Threads

A couple of days ago a series of Threads along with their posts disappeared from my forums. At first I thought someone had blown them by accident but I went to check in the logs and there is no indication they were deleted by the other admin. I have pretty much turned the site upside down to see if they were purged or deleted, but to no avail I have not find trace of them.

I also checked the DB and they are not there either. Can someone help me brainstorm what happened?


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If there are no moderator logs that indicate something was done to the threads or there's no admin log that indicates that batch update threads was run, it would have to be something like:
  • Data was removed directly from the DB
  • An older version of the DB was restored
  • Database corruption
  • The data was removed via the interface but without a log (shouldn't happen with the core system, but add-ons could be involved)